Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New Blog!

Seeing as I only posted twice on my blog during all of 2009, I'm hoping to do much better in 2010!! That being said, on this post I'm going to do a quick re-cap of 2009.

I started Radiology Tech school in June. In the few months I have been in class, I have learned many things. The most important thing is that I really, really like this!! I really, really can't wait for school to be over, but I really, really like what I'm going to be doing. For now, I am planning to go one more year after this and become a Radiation Therapist.

Well, that basically sums up my year (the important part anyway, so here is more in pictures).

Mrs. Bethany on the jet ski this summer.

Cameron and Landyn-- Doak's Creek Farm, Alpaca Farm Days

My niece and cousins (minus 3 boys). It gets nuts when they are all together.

Abbey and Mason at a park in Mobile during Spring Break

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Way Past Due....

I think blogger is about to kick me off for being so bad at this. I blog just enough to keep an account :)

I have tons of pictures to post and tell about when I do. So basically, for now, I am just saying "What's up! I'm still here, check back soon for pictures and stories"

Sorry for the tease!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Sunday!

So. Here it is again. The Super Bowl. I have no clue who is playing, but for some reason, I am very excited about the game. It is this way every year. For a girl who loves football (college, that is) as much as I do, you would think I would at least have an inkling of an idea who plays in the (2nd) biggest football game of the year. **Remember I am a college football fan, the biggest game for me is of course the National Championship game!!

Commercials, half time performances, and all-star players; all i need of professional football is wrapped up for me in this one game a year. I always pick a team to pull for even if I have no clue who players are, and, being a Mississippi State fan, I seem to usually pull for the underdog. If there is a slew of MSU alum in the game, the I root for either team, if there is a poor selection of my personal college favorites, I will root for a Manning (strange I know, but I do like them for some reason), and if either of those two selections are out, I go for the hottest player and his team. I don't know about you, but I personally think those are excellent ways to choose a team to root for on one night. A HUGE night in their life, but simply just a night in mine.

Good luck to both teams and bring on the awesome commercials!!

EDIT: This morning in church, my pastor told the story of a man who met a lady and took her, her daughter, and her disabled son on a first date. The night of that first date he tended to every need of her disabled son. It was this night, so soon after meeting that she knew she would marry this man. They did marry and have more kids. This man is Kurt Warner, quarterback for the Cardinals and leader of my pick for Superbowl champions.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Things I've Made

Here are a few pictures of the christmas garland Courtney and I made for my mom's mantle. The beaded ornaments are some my grandmother, Abbey, made for each of us. We love it!!

Not so Hot Child in the City

Here are a few pictures from my recent visit to Minneapolis and St. Francis, Minnesota. In case you were wondering, it was FREAKING FREEZING while I was there.

I spent my first day touring Minneapolis while waiting for a friend to get off work. I spent 4 hours on Thursday walking around a 2 block area and had an absolute blast! On Friday, we headed up to St. Francis to hang out and be with my friend before his big day. I happened to be the only southerner in the bunch, which had almost everyone asking "So, what do you think about the weather here?". My answer every time...."It's Freaking Freezing!" (One night it was ONE degree. That's right I said ONE degree!)

The wedding was beautiful and everyone was sooo nice. Actually they were "Minnesota Nice" (they have a phrase to explain just how "nice" they are).

Sky Line leaving the city


Beautiful Church (not where the wedding was)

Mary Tyler Moore
(This is the place she stood to throw her hat at the beginning of the show)

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Hedberg

Rose, Brent and Rick at the reception (Brent's parents)

Calvin, Rose, Troy and Rick

Troy's toast to Brent on his last night being a bachelor.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Open House @ The Skin District

Here are some pictures of the spa where I work and our ribbon cutting/open house last night.

I made the small fruit tree!!

Everyone! What a great group!

Massage Room

Chairs in the entrance. I LOVE this part of the lobby!!

The Main Waiting Area

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something is coming, i promise.

I have given myself most boring blog of the year award! As soon as I get the nasty virus off of my computer, and can stop blogging at work, I will be better!!

Thanks, Melissa for tagging me. Here I go:

5 things I was doing 10 years ago

1. Ending my first semester of college.
2. Carrying around a "Zach Morris" cell phone.
3. Hanging out with all my "yazoo" friends
4. Watching a good football team!
5. Riding around in Melissa's "party wagon"

5 Things on my to-do list

1. Study for my test tomorrow
2. Buy a plane ticket to MN
3. Get ready for open house Thursday night
4. Christmas Shopping
5. Meet Mr. Right

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire

1. Buy a new car!
2. Build my dad a cabin at "The Land"
3. Get some awesome basketball tickets at the Hump
4. Buy a house

5 Places I have lived

1. Madison, MS (until 6th grade)
2. Ridgeland, MS (just down the road, but differnt city)
3 & 4. Starkville, MS (pick an apartment complex, i've lived there)
5. Memphis, TN (didn't last long there. one life change a year was not good enough for me)

5 jobs I have had

1. Daycare teacher at First Baptist Ridgeland
2. Mississippi State Bookstore. (I worked in the supplies/apparel dept)
3. Student worker in the Stat Football Office (most awesome job ever!!)
4. Orthodontic Assistant
5. Front Desk at The Skin District

I tag Brenner and Stacy B.